QMF Flowtork

"QMF" Three Phase Electrical Actuator

  1. Three Phase Quarter Turn: QMF Series
  2. Three Phase Multi Turn:MFT Series
  3. Three Phase Thruster Type Linear Electrical Actuators : TMFT Series

Standard Features of "Flowtork" Actuators

  • Three phase electric Motor: Supply Voltage 415V AC/50Hz
  • Motor Type: AC Three phase inducation - TEFC
  • Insulation: Class "F"
  • Limit Switches: Travel limit switches: 2NO+2NC: 2 Nos.(Potential free contacts) Torque limit switches: 2NO+2NC: 2 Nos. (Potential free contacts)
  • Local position indicator: Continuous type - Mechanical
  • Manual operation: Provision of Hand wheel with clutch mechanism
  • Hammer blow effect
  • Output coupling: Provision for A/B/C/D/E Type as per DIN 3210

Optional Features of "Flowtork" Actuators

  • Three phase Electrical Motors: 415V AC/50Hz, TESC, having S2/S4-Duty with Thermostat in motor windings
  • Auxiliary limit switches: 2NO+2NC: 2Nos.(Potential free contacts)
  • Potentiometer feedback(Actuator Mounted)
  • Two wire Position Transmitter (Actuator Mounted) [Give 4-20mA output signal]
  • Position Indicator: Digital/Analogue for remote Indication
  • Positioner Unit: To accept 4-20mA input signal(Panel or actuator mounted)
  • Protection Class: IP65/67/68
  • Space Heater
  • For, Linear Application Provision set of linkage/attachments
  • For Higher torque actuators: Provision of supplementary Worm gear box for Quarter Turn Models & SpurcGear Box for multi turn models
  • Integral starters can be provided
  • Panels; Wall mounted & Desk type can be provided
  • Foot mounting brackets or tailor made accessories as per customer's requriments can be provided

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