QLFT Flowtork

"LFT" Series Single Phase Linear Electrical Actuator

Application: These Linear Electrical Actuator are used for ON/OFF as well as control duty application for control Globe valves, Diaphragm valves, V-Notch Ball valves, Butterfly valves and Single/Multi-louver Dampers.

For Control Duty Application: 4-20mA accessories provided: Which are actuator mounted pot meter with two wire position transmitter gives 4-20mA output signal + positioner unit which accepts 4-20mA input command signal.

Application Area: These units are widely used in the Chemical Industries, Steel Industries, Cement Industries and Paper Industries.


    A) Standard Accessories
  • Travel Limit Switches: 1 NO + 1 NC : 02 nos
  • Local indicator position (Mechanical Travel Scale Indicator)
  • Hand wheel for manual operation (Clutching/Declutching Type)
    B) Operation Accessories
  • Auxillary Limit Switch: 1 NO + 1 NC : 02 nos
  • Potentiometer
  • Two Wire Position Transmitter: Model: FPT-100 (Actuator mounted to give 4-20mA Output signal)
  • Position Unit: Model: FPS-01 (Panel mounted to accept 4-20mA Input signal) percentage opening/closing digital desplay
  • Space-Heater
  • Mounting Bracket & Linkages to operate Dampers or Butterfly valves

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