QFT Flowtork

Special feature for "QFT" Single Phase Quarter Turn Electrical Actuator

  1. Operating angle/stroke (Degree): 90°
  2. Degree of protection class: IP67/68
  3. Area of operation: Safe
  4. Manual over ride: Hand wheel provided (Stationary & Opposite side of motor)
  5. Mechanical Indicator: Provided Dome type for "Open" & "Close"
  6. Optional supply available: 110V AC/24V AC
  7. Mechanical arrangement with Butterfly valves, Ball valves: Coupler/Brackets and extended shaft can be provided as per system requirement.
  8. Integral starters: As an optional can be provided with light weight metallic body having "Open/close/stop selector switch & Open closed power indicators.
  9. Limit Switches: 1NO+1NC: 2Nos. + 1NO+1NC: 2 Nos. extra auxiliary
  10. Torque Switches: 1NO+1NC : 2 Nos. for Actuator models QFT:40/50/60/100. As a stall duty motors torque switch not required for actuator models: QFT:03/05/10/20/30
  11. Motor Tripping signal: A very special feature provided for actuator models QFT: 03/05/10/20/30 having microprocessor based control system to get over heating motor signal to stop the actuator and reset command to operate.
  12. Linkage Application: All QFT Series electrical actuators can be converted into Angular one with the help of linkage application as a LMB Series to operate lifting material, flap gates and dampers etc.
  13. For Regulating/Modulating Duty: For this control duty application provision of two wire position transmiiter along with potentiometer actuator mounted which gives 4-20mA Output signal + positioner unit panel mounted to accept 4-20mA input command signal.
  14. All actuator are PLC/SCADA/DCS compatible and optionally available in GSM compatible system.

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