GFT Flowtork

"GFT" Single Phase Electrical Actuators with GSM System


  1. These actuators are widely used in the field of water sectors, perticularly in the water irrigation projects, where the pipelines spreads in the large areas and manual valve/actuator operation is not possible.
  2. These actuators are mobile base GSM controls, which are wireless devise to control the flow of water through valve/actuator operation for "on/off" duty.
  3. This Actuator consist of: Butterfly valves of small sizes like 40 NB to 100 NB which are assembled with electrical Actuators having supply voltage: 230 VAC/50Hzs, with respective brackets and couplers.
  4. The GSM Unit is compact and inbuilt in the actuator itself
  5. When we give control command from mobile for open/close the valve/actuator unit operates accordingly and gives us feedback for the real-time position of valve for open or close position.
  6. These are field based units and can be operated form any location where mobile range is available.
  7. We can make the codifications for larger quantities of valves/actuators so as the operation for grouping will be possible to control no of valves/actuators at a time to avoid delay in time for indivisual operations.
  8. These valve/actuator units can be couples to flow meters and level sensors to get the required process data, like water deliveries in liters/min or day, valve open/close status, fault indications and all necessary feedback by configurating the system through SCADA/PLC to computer modes by RS485 Modbus communications.
  9. Since these are wireless device due to which we can save the cost of cables, excess manpower for operation and covers largers and remote areas for valve/actuator operations.
  10. These valve/actuator units can be used to control the waterr levels of over-head water tanks and also the levels in the underground water levvel tanks by means of automatic water pump operation for water levels in the tanks.
  11. So considering today's need for controlling wide range of area in larger pipelines for operation of valves/actuators this is very much advanced technology developed by Flowtork, Pune.

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